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Cougars v. Wildcats


By: Zitlaly Cantu,12


The Lady Cougars Softball took on Adamson and Woodrow Wilson to finish off their last 2 away games of the season. After 7 hard fought innings the cougar's fell to both the Adamson and Woodrow softball team. 


On Tuesday , after going back and forth with Adamson and being on the bottom of the 7th inning tied 6-6 , Adamson was able to break the cougars defense and score with an RBI to finish the game 7-6. Although the girls fought all game long they could not get enough hits against Adamson to try and secure a win. 


On Friday night, after an intense 4 innings the Cougar's and the Wildcats went back and forth defensively and offensively to score no runs. 5th inning came and the cougars were able to get on base and score off of an RBI. 6th inning came and the cougars were still ahead, losing their concentration they let wildcats score 2 on that inning, having woodrow on top.Top of 7th, the cougars were able to come back and tie the game making it , 2-2. It was bottom of the 7th and the cougars were hoping to go to extra innings,  but unfortunately they could not keep their defensive together enough to prevent them from scoring,  and once again losing by 1 , the final score was 3-2.


" We needed to avoid the little mistakes in order to come up again but unfortunately the girls couldn't keep it together and felt the pressure upon them causing us to lose. " said Coach Hatley. 


The season for the lady cougars didn't go as expected after losing to every team except for North Dallas. 


They will be taking on Sunset for the last game of the season next friday, and will also be the game the girls say their goodbyes to their seniors. 




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