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Cougar's Den coming soon!


By: Nalleli Martinez, 12


The Cougars Den has moved to room 122 across from the old location and students can look forward to a new and improved shopping experience. DECA and Retail instructor Daniella Narcis has not revealed the opening date but says it will be sometime soon.


The Cougars Den usually opens early in the school year but because of the location change and remodeling this year there will be a delay in its opening.


Narcis explained why the changes are occurring.  


“We want the Cougars Den to feel like an actual store,” she said. “Where students can enjoy a better experience when shopping.”


The new features will include a TV displaying upcoming events, coffee store music and more chip options. The popular snack Munchies will also be back in stock. Hopefully more snacks will be announced when the District approves them. Of course the favorite ice coffee will still be available.


The store’s staff is trying to open as soon as possible and renovations are in progress. They are helping the renovation along by selling shirts, snacks and bringing supplies from home. Furthermore the staff is willing to stay after school to paint, move stuff around and provide ideas on how the new Cougars Den will look. There are high expectations from both Narcis and the staff.


“I’m proud that the students are willing to dedicate time and work to make BA’s store the best looking and best experience in the DISD,” she said.



Commonly reffered to as the Cougar Den, it is actually the "Cougar's Den" a long time institution at BA

Room 122, the new location for the Cougar's Den, is across from the original location. The room has served foreign language, English, Science and for the Assisstant Principals.

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