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Dig a Dugg's Burger



               By: Samantha Arakachi, 12



Dugg Burger is a casual and cozy fast food restaurant located in the Casa Linda Plaza. Their concept is basically their buns being "Dugg" out to make extra room for the some or all 13 toppings that they provide. They have 3 proteins that you can choose, either beef, chicken, or portabella. You can also choose whether you want a bun or you can change out the bun and basically have a salad that would include what the burger would include. You choose your combo and choose between a fountain drink, milkshake, and even beer/wine. 


On Thursday January 26, I decided to try out the place for the first time. I walked in and the workers were really friendly. The environment was welcoming and the restaurant felt cozy and chill. It was a very open place, there were no walls separating anyone so it was nice to hear friendly conversations near me. 


 Then, I looked at the menu and I guess I looked confused because the cashier asked if it was my first time. She quickly helped me out with their menu, it was small but weird at the same time. So after that, I began choosing my toppings and meat for them to build my burger. They told me to sit and they would bring out my food for me. 


I received my burger and my fries and was very pleased. The burger was well put together and didn't seem as if it was thrown together like some other fast food places do. The fries were crispy and seasoned nicely, nothing too overbearing. I opened the top of the burger and I could see the part they dug out and it was really cute and unique. I could also see each layer of toppings that I chose (the melted cheese, bacon, lettuce, and the sizzling beef,) which was pleasing cause I could actually taste every ingredient they had. 


Overall, the place was an A plus for me, I definitely recommend it to my friends or anyone at school since it is basically around the corner from Bryan Adams!  



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