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A sad night for the Cougars


By: Amry Bullard


On Tuesday, November 15 the Varsity BA basketball team went up against the Roosevelt Mustangs at Roosevelt High School. During this game the Mustangs held the lead until the Cougars came and tied it up in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately the Cougars lost by one.



At the start of the game it was very quiet for the Cougars. The score was 7 to 15. The crowd wasn't excited when they noticed the score, but when someone made a shot they still cheered.


In the second quarter the score was 28 to 32. The boys started to put up a fight. Slowly but surely the Cougars are trying to make their way up on the scoreboard.



Towards the third quarter the score was 36 to 42. The Cougar fans are getting excited when they notice the boys catching up, while the opponents crowd looked nervous.



The fourth quarter was tied  57 to 57.Thanks to Kavon Freeman aka “Duce”,and Jorge Tapanes for shooting the last two threes that they needed tie the game. Since they tied in the last quarter they had to go into overtime. The Cougar crowd was up and cheering.


During this quarter Quincey Freeney fold out and not to long after Jorge Tapones did also.



“This is getting intense!” says Johanna one of the managers.



The overtime score was a disappointing 65 to 66. Sadly the Cougars lost.


After this game Kavon Freeman had a whopping 32 points and Jorge had 15. They helped the Cougars in this game a whole lot. They were the ones that helped the team get tied up. Which made it even more of a tragic loss.

Sophomore Bryan Baldamero attemting a free-throw

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