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Cougars return


By: Angelena Pogue, 10


On Thursday about 20 alumni came to BA for a luncheon social. This group of BA alumni graduated from the years 1957-63. They gathered in the library to eat and socialize. Mr. Kastl spoke to them along with other teachers. The culinary arts class cooked up some Cajun jambalaya, red and green beans as well as bread. Students from JROTC and other programs gave the alumni a tour of the school. They showed them how BA has changed over the years.


Unlike today these Cougars have fond memories of the food in the cafeteria.


“I remember the delicious food from the cafeteria, especially the chocolate pie and the fabulous rolls,” said Terri Bradshaw O'Neill, class of 1962.


 She also told us that there wasn't any air conditioning back then and it was always very noisy in the halls.


Most of the alumni were very excited to be there.  Georgene Dahl Harris,  another 62 grad, had some good advice for students today.


 “High school will go by very fast enjoy it while you can.”

"Oh look it's in color." said Beverly Jackson Whitney Class of 1961 as they looked at the 2016 yearbook

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