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Shadows at BA


By: Siscely Crayton,11



Today, March 9th 2017 AVID students from Hill and Gaston middle school joined us here at Bryan Adams for our AVID Shadowing Program. This avid program started 4 years ago hosted by our great avid teacher, Coach Ellis.


This year the Shadowing program totaled 67 students that were potential avid students in the BA area from these middle schools. These students visited in search for better opportunities that'll place them ahead in life. They enjoyed today so much that they can't wait to be here as a Bryan Adams Cougar to actually participate in these programs.



"More than half of these students from the past 4 years actually make half of the students that are in her class today so that it's not only good for the students it's good for me too." said Coach Ellis


"I've really enjoyed this experience and it was quite nice to find another school in the Dallas area that offers a great program like this for students like me to enjoy for free. I want to thank Coach Morrow for making this possible for not only me but others who feel the same. I learned so much today which made me feel even more prepared for high school than I ever was before." said Latae Harrison, AVID Student from Gaston Middle School.



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