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Sophomore informational meeting



By: Victor Torres, 10


As we all may know the sophomores are going to begin doing their exhibitions in March where they will have to defend their learning in front of a panel of teachers. Mr.Kastl used this week to inform all of the sophomores what they can expect to see when walking into the room where they have to perform. He informed them about how they will be graded and who will be grading the sophomores. During this informational meeting he also told the sophomores why he wanted to start encouraging students to defend their learning.


He also talked about what people will be grading the sophomore who will present. The people who will be grading them will be the sophomore's advisor, another administrator, and something that was totally surprising to the sophomores was knowing that a senior will also have a say weather they pass their Fall exhibition or not.

One of the most important things that he talked about was on how the sophomores will be graded. He showed them what kind of things the judges would be looking for in order to pass their exhibition. He also talked about how many points the sophomores would need in order to get a proficient level on their exhibition.

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