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Find your way




                  By: Elias Carcamo, 11




Twenty-four cadets from JROTC attended an orienteering competition September 24th, at Harry Moss Park to start off the orienteering season.


Orienteering is a group of competitors running different courses depending on their level of experience, and knowledge of navigation. Orienteering is also a physically demanding and fast paced competitive sport, because the competitors have to travel through rough terrain and find their way out.

Although the orienteers work and practice together as a team, during competition, they have to compete against each other.


During the event, cadets were warming up while others were panicking and worried. Others were very anxious to finish the course. As the crowd cheers the cadets they go on, their journey to find control markers, which was a small box that was bright orange and white and were scattered around the park. The control markers, were used to score points on a scorecard that cadets had taken responsibility and hold onto the scorecard, otherwise they would be immediately disqualified.


Halfway through the event, things went wrong for some DISD cadets and others had an easy time through the rough and reptile infested forest.


Some cadets ran into problems such as not being able to navigate through the forest, passing out due to the heat and physical obstacles, equipment failure, competitors occasionally encountered snakes and lizards. For instance, excessive sweating caused Brandon Decker and Jesus Cervantes’s map to be ruined and completely destroyed.



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