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Signing Day

Seniors commite to their college


By: Jessica Gamiz, 12


On Thursday, April 27 seniors of Avid and ASP had their college commitment day in the library at 9:00 AM. Parents, friends, and teachers were there to support the seniors and congratulate them for their special occasion.


The seniors made posters with the college they were committing to. Before the commitment process started, there was a guest speaker, an alumnus from UNT. After he was done talking, the seniors started talking about their commitment, and talking about any scholarships they had received.


“Even though I only had to talk for 30 seconds I still felt very nervous because I felt everyone staring,” said senior Hannia Rojas.


Students where committing to colleges in and out of state. Some were very excited because they were leaving state. Also sad because they were leaving friends and family behind.


“I feel committed, I’m proud of myself I finally did it but scared to be going out of state,” said senior Danesha Johnson.


After announcing they would sign their name on a poster which is hanged up in the main office. Mrs. Lamanna gave a speech which made seniors very sentimental. After everything was done everyone was welcome to get a piece of cake and a water bottle, while we were eating Coach Ellis was going around collecting our posters. She hung them by the windows that are around the corner from the ASP room.  Overall everything was a success and it was a very special moment for everyone that was there.




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