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Portfolio Defences


By: Victor Torres, 10


The sophomore class will have to do a portfolio defence their senior year in order to graduate. While it is a bit irritating being the first class that has to do this, this is a great opportunity to learn about real world skills. Luckily for them, all of the teachers are doing everything to prepare them for this presentation. Advisory teachers make sure they pass all of their classes and are completing with all their assignments.



Portfolio defences make students defend their learning in front of a panel of teachers and administrators. This is a great opportunity to learn about public speaking and teaches sophomores how to prove why they think they should graduate. This will help them prepare for college when they are forced to make a presentation and provide proof to back up their arguments. So even though it pressuring thinking  about how close the deadline is and how they will have to be the first class that has to really fight for their certificate. It benefits the class of 2018


 “It is a little stressing knowing that we will be the first to do this, but i can see how this can help us,” said sophomore Hebber Aguilar



To prepare the sophomores are working on a powerpoint that will help them when it comes time to do their presentation and present their project to a panel of teachers and administrators.


 Advisory teachers are helping by letting students go to other classes if they have any questions concerning their performance assessment, or just need any extra help in a certain class.


This portfolio defence is also a great way for the freshmen to have an idea of what they are going to have to do the next semester for their portfolio defence



“Before watching the sophomores I had no clue on what I was expected to do for next semester,”said freshman Kelvin Martinez.



As the date when they have to present approaches everyone rushes to complete all the preparations needed to do the presentation. December 15th is the deadline for sophomores to present their exhibitions.


“I'm glad to know that we are done with PA's, now we get to see the freshman run around and prepare for theirs” said sophomore Alexis

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