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Courage under fire


By: Odalis Bernabe, 12


Hacksaw Ridge is a film based on the experience of Private First Class Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, as an American Pacifist combat medic in WW2.  Doss fought in the Battle of Okinawa, being a seventh day Adventist Christian, he refused to carry or use a firearm or weapon of any kind, which later caused problems for him.


Doss became an outcast and his fellow soldiers turned their backs on him, tormented and beat him up. When planning to go home Doss was arrested and taken to military prison. He was tried for not obeying his superior’s orders concerning handling a weapon. This made him start to rethink his beliefs.  He was conflicted with himself while he waited to be released back into battle without the use of a weapon.

Even when the consequences were physical, he did not back down. Believing in God, guided and protected him throughout the battle while saving the soldiers that were wounded. Doss didn’t show any form violence throughout the movie.


The thing that made it an interesting movie, was Doss’ pride for his religion.  It was his perseverance,

allowed him to get through the hard situations and conflicts. He rescued 75 soldiers including a Japanese soldier. I found this very inspirational.


One of Doss’s superior officers hated him because of his beliefs for no violence, leading him to feel like he didn’t belong.


He tried to get Doss discharged for psychiatric reason but failed. By putting Doss through grueling labor and turning his fellow soldiers against him, created a sympatric audience. The Superior Officer saw the honor in Doss and personally had a few words to tell him.


"The men have been inspired by what they are calling his miracle.”



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