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Saving Shoes 


By: Melanie Zacarice, 11


Starting January 12th through May, JROTC will be hosting their 1st annual shoe drive.


Major Jeter, one of the JROTC instructors came up with the idea, of hosting a shoe drive, after finding out about this local organization from his daughter's school. Fundraising is common way for school organizations to raise money including JROTC however, Major Jeter thought this was something different and wanted to give it a try.

Shoes in good condition will be sent to 3rd world countries and will be donated to people who can't afford shoes. Shoes in bad condition will be recycled so, that way we're helping both sides of the world.  


The shoes will be donated for good purposes, the donations help people at the same time it’s helping keep the program running. For every pound of shoes donated JTOTC gets 46 cents in return. With the money collected the program will use it for activities such as field day Scarberal fair, and for regionals in San Antonio next year.

“Depending on the results we get well see if we make this a yearly thing we usually do really well on fundraising so my expectations are set high” said Sgt. Ordonez.



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