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Nicely Spicey

Mexican restaurant serves traditional fare




                   By: Keila Badillo, 11



Once in Garland Jasmin’s Sal y Pimienta (Salt and Pepper) is now located on Oates in North Mesquite. My companions and I arrived during the dinner rush. They quickly delivered the menus to our very clean table, brought homemade chips and salsa  and took our drink order. The presentable appetizers were right on spot. They offered two types of house salsas. The standard red tomato based sauce as well as the salsa verde (green sauce). Our waitress, Janette, came to take our dinner orders. She was efficient as she allowed us to make our orders. Although we had a fairly large order the food arrived in about the right amount of time.


With a variety of dishes at the table we were all able to sample several of the house specialties. The two dishes that really stood out to my companions and I were Molcajete and Costilla de Puerco.  The Molcajete, served in a really huge bowl, consists of sausage, shrimp and fajita meat in a pepper sauce. The tender meats can be placed in a hot corn tortilla to create a delicious taco.  The Costilla de Puerco en Salsa Verde is a beef dish smothered in their tangy green sauce. All of the entrees are served with rice and beans.


The service from beginning to end was efficient, friendly and available. Our waitress checked on our table several times throughout the meal.


Although the décor is simple the restaurant has colorful hanging lights to create a festive atmosphere. We were there on a Tuesday and the crowds were fairly thin. We have been told that Sundays are the busiest days which can cause long waits and delays in service.


The prices at Jasmin’s are reasonable compared other similar establishments. One can have a better than average authentic Mexican meal for about ten dollars per person. Sounds like a deal to me!



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