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Beauty ad The Beast



By: Aniah Palacios, 12


The past weekend I went to go see one of my favorite childhood Disney princess movie, Beauty and the Beast made in real life. I honestly loved this movie so much I actually liked it even more than the original movie it made me cry, laugh, and every feeling I didn't even know I could feel.


The main character Belle was played by the amazing Emma Watson who is very famous form Harry Potter did an amazing job at singing and dancing. I honestly thought she was only good for Harry Potter and could never play a princess but she definitely proved me wrong.


They also used original songs from the original movie but added 3 additional songs to the movie. My favorite song  that was added to the soundtrack would have to be "Evermore" that was sung by the Beast as he watches his love (Belle) leave his tower and he feels nothing but sadness because he let her go and he will always remember her and will always wait for her to come back. The lyrics that really made me love this song was when the Beast sings 


"Wasting in my lonely tower

Waiting by an open door

I'll fool myself, she'll walk right in

And as the long, long nights begin

I'll think of all that might have been

Waiting here for evermore". 


The Beast put so much emotion into this song showing the audience he really cared and showed he knew how to love. Also showing he has a beautiful soul on the inside other than his hideous face. 


Over all this movie was amazing there were never any boring scenes it's always had dancing, fighting, magic, singing, everything you'd expect to see in a Disney movie. Best movie I've seen in a long time. By far one of my favorite movies now. 



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